We Recycle So You Don’t Have To

Recycled materials from our residential and commercial dumpster rentals include:

concrete recycling
wood recycling
metal recycling
horticulture recycling
asphalt recycling
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Customers are often surprised at how much material we can recycle.

This is one of the things we are most proud of at CL Noonan Disposal, Inc.

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These days, everyone is more conscious than ever about the impact people have on the environment. There’s a growing awareness that our finite resources must be managed efficiently to preserve the planet for future generations of people and animals.

At CL Noonan Disposal, Inc., we are dedicated to preserving the environment for the clients we serve. How we handle mindful trash removal while providing cost-effective roll-off dumpster rentals sets us apart from our competitors.

The waste management industry is making great strides in reducing landfill disposal and harnessing biodegradable gases for energy use.

To do our part, CL Noonan Disposal, Inc. delivers construction debris to a recycling facility. This guarantees that 50% of the material will not wind up in the landfill after leaving our trucks. To protect our reputation and our customers, we strictly adhere to the county, city and state ordinances pertaining to waste disposal. All of our employees are familiar with the applicable codes and regulations about roll-off dumpster rental.

Recycled materials include concrete that builders incorporate into sidewalks and driveways as well as retaining walls and other projects. Designers and DIY crafters use reclaimed wood in interior decor and recycled wood often becomes mulch or paper pulp. Your unwanted asphalt shingles help create a batch of asphalt to repair asphalt roads.